Virginia Hey is an Australian ex model, TV personality, actress, fashion editor, natural therapist who moved into the worlds of perfume design. (Virginia is also a Civil Celebrant who can perform marriages.)

In between TV and film work in Australia Virginia Hey’s passion was studying Natural Therapies and creating perfumes. In the USA over the past 11 years Virginia put all her life experiences, her natural therapy knowledge, her heart and her soul, her art and creative knowledge, fashion flair and design talents, perfumers alchemy and her full potential into her perfume designs. “Its as though my whole life has been preparation for the greatest gift from me to you. My exquisite Virginia Hey signature perfumes. My lifes perfection! The perfect gift, when only the best will do! ”

Virginia’s appreciation and passion for aromatherapy was born at a very early age. Perfume design became a life long passion and fever of Virginia’s, and to this day the love of her life. Virginia has become a gifted fragrance designer “nose”.

One is born with the gift to alight all senses via the magic creation of the perfect blend of perfume notes! An art! Virginia’s designs could be compared to a marrriage betwen Alchemy and Elegance!

Born in Sydney Australia, Miss Hey was raised and educated between Sydney Australia and London England. Virginia has an extensive acting bio and a 37 year track history with the entertainment, fashion, natural health and beauty media in Australia and the UK. Virginia used her “public spotlight” to bring attention to health and beauty regimes in the 80′s and 90′s and was a regular guest on Australian chat shows.

Virginia has multiple certificates in Natural Therapies, and in the mid to late 90′s in between acting roles Virginia was also a freelance fashion and still-life stylist and then became a fashion editor in Sydney for “Bride to Be” magazine and then “For Me” magazine where she specialized in makeover fashion for the everyday woman until she swang into the role of “Zhaan” on Farscape.

(Virginia was a high fashion model in the 70s/80s, and during those days models did their own styling, their own make up, hair and produced most of the shoots from an artistic point of view. Because of this models from that era are very highly prized fashion stylists and fashion editors today. Most fashion editors from magazines all around the world are former models from the 70′s/80′s era!! Their skills are not to be skoffed at!)

Miss Hey was brought to the USA from Sydney Australia in 2001 on the wave of Farscape frenzy. Miss Hey received her “Alien of¬†Extraordinary Ability” Greencard in 2002 and settled into Santa Monica, California, USA till 2012.

While she was in the USA Virginia attended hundreds of Personal Appearances, delighting fans across the USA! Miss Hey also worked further on her design skills. Having made perfumes for herself for 30 years, Miss Hey was convinced by thousands of fans at conventions across the US to offer her perfume publicly. For 11 years Virginia took time off acting to work tirelessly on two exquisite candle and perfume lines, White Flower Lei and Virginia Hey Couture, both launched in Fred Segal.

In 2013 Miss Hey moved to the UK to enjoy an extensive 2013 tour of Personal Appearances all across the UK and Europe. Virginia is currently based in SW England and in 2013 released her latest exquisite range of luxurious soaps called White Flower Lei! www.whiteflowerlei.com

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Virginia is currently auditioning for film/TV roles.

List of acting credits:http://www.imdb.me/virginiahey