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February 21st 2014

Calling all Dr Who fans!!!
My Dr Who Audio Book performance is out now! “White Ghosts”

Here is the link to buy the audio book (I dont receive royalties so the only reason Im telling you this is because its a BLOODY GREAT DR WHO STORY starring the mighty Tom Baker!!!! (and me! [smile])

So if you want me to sign the cover for you, then you’ll have to purchase the audio book from Big Finish and bring the cover to one of my conventions. As you know I charge £15 for all my autographs. See my appearances page:

I forgot to add the Big Finish 5 convention September 13th to my Appearance list, sorry, it wasnt confirmed fully.. but now it is:

Sept 13
Big Finish Day 5
Copthorne Hotel Slough-Windsor
Cippenham Lane
Berkshire, SL1 2YE
Get Tickets at
*** Im not a guest of Big Finish, Im a guest of tenthplanetevents, so I will be charging for my autograph £15. ***

3.02. White Ghosts – Doctor Who – Fourth Doctor Adventures – Big Finish
New adventures for the heroes of your favourite shows in full cast audio dramas, producing Doctor Who, 2000 AD characters Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog, Dark Shadows, Sapphire & Steel, Luther Arkwright, Stargate and now the Phantom of the Opera.


January 1st 2014

Ive been concentrating on my Personal Appearances and my perfume designs and perfumed product business these past 11 years, but now the time is right for me to step back into acting. There are so many fantastic roles for women just like me, Ive stepped into my age a little more so the time is right! I will be getting back into acting this year and testing and auditioning!





Ive launched my new soaps, I adore the very simple but of course very Virg elegant style packaging.. :) Its a hybrid of the very first original soap packaging, remember it from 2002? The exact same identical look, white with the logo centre and the red cord, in a white box instead of white paper. The same wrap around overlap paper, but it was on the inside of the box… Ive still got the first one I ever made!! (The red embroidered soap boxes came a couple of years later)

Ive seen several London soaps in white paper, but I wanted to do the white paper with my edge, my AustralAsian inspired New Age/Parisian elegant look thats so much my very unique style that took a lifetime of travel and experiences to create and design!

Im also making rollon perfumes in all your favourite scents!

Enjoy! “White Flower Lei