Meditation Seminars

My personal mission

“And so, with a boundless heart should one cherish all living things.”

I have a massive sorrow and disgust for the disrespect, humiliation and cruelty of the helpless. Im shameless in my fight. I will spend the rest of my life trying to teach respect of all life, and to encourage people to be the best they can be, to live to their truest and highest potential. I feel thats my mission in life and I wont stop.. Everywhere I land I try to lift at least one person to see their best. I am only human and have human flaws and failures and annoyances just like everyone else, but when it comes to the rights and well-being of encouragement of others I am fearless and am very focused with positive energy for them.

I am convinced we are all here on earth to learn respect of life.. Respect of the life of the ground, the air, the water, the life that grows in the earth, the sea, the life that walks on the earth, and respect and encouragement for eachother.. simple? One would think so, but yet it is something very few humans understand.. Im not a nut, Im not a saint, Im just an ordinary person with flaws who is thinking about more than a 4 ft radius around me..



Meditation has become almost the number one prescription for doctors to give patients!

Now that scientific studies have been done to prove that meditation assists in lowering blood pressure, strengthening and balancing immune function, de-stressing, assisting with healing and promoting a more peaceful and balanced physiology, Meditation has become almost the number one prescription for doctors to give patients!

Time Magazine 2004 says:

60% of doctor visits are the result of stress related conditions. Meditation will reduce blood pressure, stimulate immune function, train the mind and reshape the brain to defuse stress. 


Quick Overview:

Healing balancing visualization meditation workshop with Virginia Hey
De-stress, heal, relax, feel more radiantly attractive and connect with your inner or Highest Guidance.

Enjoy a guided meditation that comprises of a one hour discussion followed by a one hour guided meditation designed and taught by Australian meditation teacher, Reiki practitioner and certified natural therapist, Virginia Hey.

Virginia Heys meditations are for everybody! They are very simple & deeply relaxing with no baffling terminology.
Your mind and sub conscious do the work, Virginia Hey simply guides you with her voice.

Two hours
Tickets available at Virginia Hey’s signing table at any conventions show appearance, or by emailing Virginia Hey direct at


2013 Meditation Workshop dates:

Virginia has just relocated back to the UK and is in the midst of putting together some workshops.
If you would like Virginia to hold a workshop in your area in the UK please contact Virginia at


Detailed Overview:

Healing balancing visualization meditation workshops with Virginia Hey

Positive thought is the most powerful tool we as humans have. Your own thoughts & inner voice can heal you and change the very core of your thought processes and motivation structure. You just need to be able to tap into your command centre!

You will sit or lie in a comfortable position and focus on Virginia’s voice guiding you into a deep state of relaxation.

The general meditations that Virginia teaches are all encompassing and perfect for all levels of expertise, from beginners to the highly experienced. Virginia uses imagery to induce a feeling of peace and well-being, healing and enlightenment. Miss Hey uses mental images of coloured light, images of peaceful settings in nature, and encourages a mental process whereby senses are activated by the imagination, thereby opening the ability to self heal.

Once all the class is in a deep state of relaxation Virginia will help her students with general self healing to assist overall wellbeing. Then Virginia will concentrate on encouraging her students to aim for a goal they discuss with Virginia at the opening of the class,


The uses of meditation

Meditation can be used for stress release & relaxation, to help with insomnia, to help heal oneself of a specific illness & strengthen Immune function, lower blood pressure, to charge oneself with more self confidence, to focus on a specific goal or direction, to remove a habitual behaviour and strengthen willpower. Great for helping connect you to your Inner or Higher Self, and in advanced Meditation one can channel Universal Life-Force energy to oneself or others, and balance chakras & energetic system.

The meditations that Virginia teaches do not contain Religious studies. They are suitable for all adults and children and all religions. They are all encompassing and perfect for all levels of expertise, from beginners to the highly experienced Lightworkers.

(A Lightworker is simply someone who meditates regularly and utilizes and taps-into the Love and radiant Light of our Highest Power or Inner Guidance to fill their meditations with the Highest good and purist prayer/thought intentions, and sends healing prayers/thoughts to themselves, others, and the planet.)


Meditation Levels

Virginia teaches two levels of meditation, a beginner’s class that all levels can attend, and an advanced class for the highly experienced. At the conventions Virginia concentrate on the Beginners class, however advanced Lightworkers can attend and enjoy the relaxation processes.

Beginners Session

During the Beginners meditation you will be taught to relax, de-stress and calm your system like never before. In your mind’s eye, I will ask you to bathe your entire body in the colours of the chakras. I will teach you to strengthen your immune system, send yourself and others (including pets) healing, and lastly we send healing to the Earth. Your Higher Self will be called upon to assist. The beginner’s classes are simple and yet powerfully effective in de-stressing and assisting in healing oneself. The workshop comprises an hour of instruction that includes discussion of the classes meditation needs, followed by a one hour meditation tailored specifically for the students in the class. At the end of the workshops will be tips on how to do a 5 minute de-stress meditation during your busy day.

Advanced Session

In the more advanced meditations chakra entanglements will be released, the chakras will be filled healed and balanced, very advanced healing techniques will be called upon.


During Both Sessions

In both the beginners and advanced classes You will hear my voice guiding you into a deep state of relaxation, and once there we will work on attaining that special goal for you! I welcome folk telling me what they wish to achieve with meditation and I design a meditation, on the spot, to suit all the participant’s needs in the class.There is no music or movement in my classes, students sit for the first hour and for the meditation they lie down in a comfortable position on a carpeted floor resting their heads on their handbag/satchels.

(Advanced meditations and private sessions can be arranged by request)

£60 per person for 2 hours.

To arrange a workshop in your area, please contact Virginia Hey

Virginia will need a minimum of 20 students to enable her to fly into your city to hold the workshop

Virginia Hey Meditation CDs are available  at all her convention appearances


Reiki the healing art

Virginia does not teach Reiki, however she uses some of the healing processes of Reiki energy within her meditations to assist in her students’ overall self healing exercises. Each student will receive Reiki energy.

“We ALL have Universal Life Force healing energy coursing through us and around us, we just need to know how to access it and use it. You see, we have forgotten how to operate the machinery!! The “users manuals” that should have come with us all at birth was lost centuries ago..” Virginia Hey

Reiki is the name of a Japanese healing technique whereby Universal or Spiritual life-force healing energy is channeled directly into oneself, or into a recipient, or channeled by a Reiki practitioner into patients both present for the Western hands-on approach, or channeled to the patient via an “Absent healing” technique.
Reiki is used in a gentle manner to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. It is the same “energy” that is used in Acupuncture, the only difference is the absence of needles.

Reiki = Rei means Higher power, God or Universal, Spiritual wisdom. Ki which means life force energy.

Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing modality for stress reduction, relaxation, and health. Reiki is a healing technique that allows the practitioner to focus an unseen life force energy and transmit the energy to another person. The client remains fully clothed and can either be sitting or lying while the practitioner either channels tghe beautiful “energy” gently into the patient with no touch, or gently places her hands on their back or shoulders.

Reiki can be used in conjunction with any other healing modalities, conventional or alternative and has no side effects.

(Virginia has a signature perfume named after the Reiki healing art, its called rei.Kii)

Reiki in Virginia Heys Meditation classes

Virginia Hey channels and uses this very same Universal Healing Energy in all her meditations. This healing energy is part of all life, is readily available to all, and surrounds all life. It was used daily to assist life-force and healing in Ancient times, but unfortunately because of the way modern society is structured, we have lost the passed-down wisdom of the ancient peoples over time. We are all “plugged-in”, we have always been, its just that some of us “have the radio tuned to the station” and some of us don’t! There are many methods of tuning in, meditation being the most effective and readily available to all.

In my meditations I use a different technique to Reiki, it is not hands on, but it is this identical Universal Life-Force healing energy that my students and I call upon and channel into us and into our meditations. Reiki is one name for it and uses a different technique, but basically we are all tapped into the same healing energy. All people who pray, or who meditate, or channel healing energy, or those who work with the energy circuits in the chakra system, like the acupuncturists, are all tapping into the identical healing loving life force energy known also as the Reiki energy. As humans we feel the need to put different labels on this life force energy, it has been known as different names by different Religion, but in actuality it belongs to all life and is the identical healing energy, (or GOD’s divine energy if you like), that all religions and all those who pray, heal, or meditate use and channel.

I don’t teach the traditional Western hands-on Reiki technique specifically, I follow a more traditional method of using the Reiki energy via thought, and via the chakras. I have experienced this over a 39 year period. Once the channel is open, one you are “tuned-in” you can use the Universal Life Force healing energy, (Reiki healing energy), in a multitude of ways, you are not limited to hands on at all..

I use the Reiki energy everyday, many times a day, on myself, on others, on my pets, in my mass Monday night meditations and in my meditation classes. I rarely do hands-on Reiki anymore, almost never, only ever on my pets and when I hug someone. I channel the Reiki Universal energy out via a thought process with the aid of my Highest Guidance. I am NOT a kook! This is a healing modality millions of years old and embraced by all original cultures.

Some folk are born “tuned-in” with a live channel and the knowledge of how to utilize it, others just need the cobwebs brushed off and a few Ancient techniques brought back to light. But the point is that we ALL have this Universal Life Force healing energy coursing through us and around us, we just need to know how to access it and use it. You see, we have forgotten how to operate the machinery!!

The “users manuals” that should have come with us all at birth was lost centuries ago when the self-healing, balancing and enlightenment arts were no longer passed down because of mans fear of it, or probably more to the point, mans need to dominate or control what was Gods gift in the first place! Man trying to be God doesn’t work.. I wonder when that will dawn on man..

We are superb and beautifully complex structures of light and energy, we are not just lumps of flesh and blood as Modern society would have us believe!

Over history, those who have used their Ancient “users manuals” have been either hailed as saints, burnt at the stake, sent to lunatic asylums, or sent to nunneries! LOL. Today we can all have a peaceful access to it with no retribution. In fact it is nowadays a common healing tool to promote healing and the balance of body, mind and soul!


Meditate to send healing to our Mother Earth!

Dear all,

There is a group of us from all over the world who are joining together via meditation, via thought, prayer, Reiki, Lightwork, reflection, any way we can, as brief or as lengthy as time permits, just a thought for one minute a day will do…. We are trying to send some loving healing energy to this poor Mother Earth of ours that is struggling for balance, and its inhabitants who are also out of balance and need their vibration lifted so they seek harmony and the respect for all life including their own, the life of the air, the water, the ground and the animals who are here to heal us.. Currently there is no respect, or little, not enough to promote well-being and balance.. Please, if only for 30 seconds a day on your way to work, or before you slip into sleep, just focus on an image of the Earth in your minds eye, see it being nourished by a mist of beautiful sparkling white energy, imagine that this mist is healing energy.. Put your energy of love into this mist, if that sounds a bit kooky, then just see the mist as a balancing sparkling healing energy.. How will this work you ask? Well, the power of many minds linked in any event is extraordinary.

You will feel the energy, it is very pleasurable and very potent.. you have all felt this in your lives many times.. When? .. at a ballgame for example, or a concert, or in church.. anywhere where there is a mass of people all focusing on the same thing, you ‘feel’ the energy.. mass prayer is VERY very powerful, you know that already… Well, this is the same..

We must do something to help heal, and we all have the healing power within us, it is our God given right to be able to self heal and heal others and the land, just like our ancestors did.. Thought is very powerful.

Its time for us to learn from our ancestors and help to heal and balance our environment instead of destroying it.. (man is the only life on Earth that purposefully destroys its own environment at will) ..

I could go on and on, but we need action and not words… The earth has started to show us its unbalance, humans have lost their balance, lets send positive energy and prayer or thought, whenever you can starting TODAY! Millions all over the world are doing this, lets all join in and pray for our earth and life on it… balance and health and the raising of vibration.. think on those three things with love… Thank you for helping.

Virginia Hey